beautiful monsters. {art for tiny people}

In what may become a regular feature, the girls and I spent our Wednesday wandering about. Last week I read about this great program for kids that they have at the art gallery downtown. We rarely make it up there, but I think it may have to start happening more often.

But back to the program- it’s geared toward 3-5 year olds, but my 2-(gulp how is she almost 3)-yr old fit it nicely as well. And my little one was part of the under-one set of little siblings. There were three of them just hanging out while the big kids looked at art and made art.

The “tours for tots” began with a book. The guide was animated and engaging, and really made the story come to life. It was great to hear Fiona retell (her understanding of) the story to Nate when he got home from work this evening.

After the story, we headed into the Beautiful Monsters exhibit. This exhibit is in its last week at the gallery, and is a collection of prints made from etchings, engravings, and woodcuts of the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. As the title suggests, the collection is focused on beasts and monsters, but our guide (Ms Tamara) was able to keep everything very age-appropriate, while at the same time not dumbing it down for the kids. She described the technique used in creating the pieces we looked at, and by the time we finished our tour, they were excited to create their own art.

After the official tour ended, we wandered through a couple more exhibits by ourselves before heading out in search of lunch. A small cafe caught my eye, so we crossed the street to visit the Early Bird Cafe. Once I maneuvered my enormous double jogging stroller inside (I mean, it was ridiculous. The grill and lunch counter is directly to your left as you enter the restaurant, and we had to ask the (thank goodness only two) patrons sitting at the counter to stand up and move out to the side so that we could push in all the stools and squeeeeeeeze through to the back, where there was more than enough room to park that monstrosity), we all settled in for a nice little lunch. The girls split an order of “aksa-deddy” which is Violet-ese for spaghetti these days, and I had a Monte Cristo sandwich with what fries didn’t get stolen from me. I’d definitely visit again, but I think next time we head downtown we’ll skip the duallie in favor of a nice little umbrella stroller and/or the Ergo. I also think we’ll try getting downtown using mass transit next time. According to google maps, it would only be about 15-20 longer to get there by walk/bus/LRT than it did to drive in, and it would be much cheaper. Plus, yay environment! My only concern is the willingness of little legs… but soon enough we won’t have to worry about the cold, and I think once the weather is nicer the cooperation will improve. Come on, Spring.

Just kidding. I know we’ve got a good few months before it’s full-on Spring. But a girl can hope.

transcend. {edmonton lifestyle photography}

Last night I stayed up way too late. (Shocking, I know. Because that never happens.)

I stayed up late because I was messing around online (as per my usual) but also because as I was finally trying to fall asleep I was struck with inspiration. I’ve been thinking about this blog, and this business, and about how to just make things work for me. I talk a big game, but let’s be real- I don’t exactly have clients beating down my door. It’s not that I lack in the photography skills. I’m obviously incredible. (that’s the sound of my back as I pat it) But the more I think about it, the more I realize I am just not that great at the schmooze. The act of reaching out and finding people and telling them that HEY. HEY YOU. I LIKE TAKING PICTURES. CAN I TAKE YOUR PICTURE?

I’ve been trying to figure out why that is. I’ve read a million blog posts about it, discussed it in a thousand forums. Last night I had an epiphany.

I need to just reach out and sell myself.

No, not like that.

As in- do what I like to do, what makes me happy and alive and ME, and I’ll find other like-minded individuals who want the same. Maybe they want the same things and they’re photographers and they’re a thousand times more awesome than I am. That doesn’t make MY me any less me. And maybe they aren’t photographers. And that, to be honest, would be great. Because then I can jump right in there and fill their life out with images of themselves and their kids doing all these things we both like to do. And if those clients don’t show up right away, guess what? No matter. I’ll still be doing what I enjoy. Which is less hiding away in my freezing cold office (seriously, why is this room so cold? It’s on the second floor, shouldn’t heat be rising? Shouldn’t it be warm up here?) reading about life on the internet, and more going out and wandering the city and trying out new coffee shops and taking my kids to storytime and eating hamburgers while wearing pearls (okay, that last one isn’t me, but my 4-yr-old makes it look FAB.)

And so ends this blog’s sad little life of being updated once a year with strictly “business” photos. Now it’s going to be LaMartina Photography (and co. (co. being the little mini LaMas, of course)) out there enjoying Edmonton. And when I find those clients, well- they’ll be added right into our midst. But until then- we’re going exploring. We’ll see you out there.


Hello again, my lovelies.

Allow me to dust off this blog a bit. It’s been a while. 2012 was pretty much consumed by my 365 project and business took a backseat.

Recently though, I’ve been inspired. I’m excited about business building! I’m going to run with this enthusiasm and see just how far it takes me!

First it took me to some old newborn images. I was at a first birthday party and realized that I never blogged this particular little man’s newborn session. Whoops. And then I did a family session for them the other day, so I have even MORE to blog about this lovely fam. So here is a video I made with images from their family session. We spent a cold hour outside this past weekend.

Who says you can’t have outdoor family portraits in Edmonton in the winter? We did take a hot cocoa break in the car to warm up a bit mid-session, but I think these are worth a little cold.

(And you can’t even tell that the session ended with Olin spitting up right onto his dad’s head! In hindsight, I guess I maybe shouldn’t have suggested all those tosses into the air after he had just had a bottle, huh?)

So a very Happy Birthday to you, Olin! And thanks to all three of you for giving me such great material to use in my return to blogging!

Valentine’s Day, the Sequel.

As promised, here are the rest of the images from the little mini-shoot the kids and I had yesterday for Valentine’s Day. It was the after nap time slot, and so a bit hit or miss as far as attitudes are concerned, plus we’d already had a fairly busy day… but they really seemed to enjoy both the confetti I packed into the (otherwise empty) little candy box and the occasional motivational Teddy Graham. Though I’m afraid at some point Violet started eating the confetti as well as the grahams.

On a side note, my bedroom is still littered with heart confetti. It’s very festive.



Hope you all took advantage of February’s lesser known holiday that took place today- I am, of course, talking about Half-Price Candy Day. A very joyous sugar shock to you all!





The girlies and I had a little mini photo shoot this afternoon after naps. And of course it was Valentine’s day themed.

Then I found out they were doing “Hearts” as the theme over at iheartfaces. Done and done.

I have a bunch more, but since I can only submit an entry that has a single photo, this is all you get for now. I’ll have to do a second post with the rest. Happy Valentine’s Day, all!

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